Thirteen Things I’ll Miss About Summer

This week is the last full week of summer vacation before L heads to school. He is starting kindergarten this year so the end of this summer is big. Here are the thirteen things I’ll miss most about summer:

  1. Barbeque & Beer: Summer is the time to fire up the BBQ, invite over some friends, and spend the afternoon hanging out. And if they happen to bring over some beer? Even better.
  2. Beach Reads: I know them as romance novels but a good portion of the population likes to refer to them as beach reads. It’s the one time a year everyone embraces the books I love the best.
  3. Vacation: You can’t say the word summer without thinking vacation. Sometimes I get away with my family, but most times it means my family comes to visit me. Nothing I like better than a house full of the people I love.
  4. Holiday Picnics: My husband is lucky enough to have most federal holidays off. On those days we are almost always at a local park for a picnic. It’s a great time for a family.
  5. Easy Schedule: Summer is the time when that rigid schedule from the first half of the year goes by the wayside. We can stay in our pj’s until noon if we want and no one misses anything.
  6. Sandals:Open toes, wedges, heels, strappy, gladiator, stiletto! You name it, I love it!
  7. Farmer’s Market: The produce is fresh and the people are nice. I can’t ask for much more than that.
  8. Ice Cream & Ice Tea: Two of the best treats of summer.
  9. Festivals: Arts, crafts, heritage, or holiday celebration. If there is a town festival you can be sure I’m there. These are the places where I meet most of the characters that populate my writing.
  10. Pool: It opens on Memorial Day and doesn’t close until Labor Day!
  11. Camping & Exploring: Two of my kids favorite things to do.
  12. Playground Playdates: A chance for my kids to catch up with their friends from school and a chance for me to sit and have some adult conversation.
  13. Gardening: We start in the spring and by summer the fruits of our labor are there for us to enjoy. And really even after all these years I still like to play in the dirt.

Some things I won’t be missing about summer: humidity, swim suits, and short shorts.

Have a great weekend!


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13 Responses to Thirteen Things I’ll Miss About Summer

  1. Ella Drake says:

    Ah, I’ll miss sandals, too. Not just because I like wearing sandals, but also because I don’t have to match socks.

  2. Jen says:

    Oh, I love love love the Farmer’s market. And I’ll miss camping too! But I am looking forward to school starting.

  3. Great list! Now that I have a little one, I’m sure I’ll be partaking in more of these summer events. Hey — on a sidenote, if you haven’t checked it out you need to hit up the Maryland Renaissance Festival. It starts Labor Day and goes into the Fall…something to tide you over until next summer. So much fun and the food is awesome!

  4. Mary Quast says:

    I love you list! I used to love the bonfires and roasting marshmallows but since we built our home w/ a big fireplace we still do our “summer bonfires” in the house.
    I love farmers markets and try to purchase extra produce to can and freeze. But nothing beat the atmosphere of being there.

    Mine is at

  5. The one thing I love about summer ending, is it means Fall is just around the corner. my favourite season.
    Fun list. Happy T13!

  6. Oh yes … I will definitely miss our Farmers Markets. *sniff sniff* We have some of the BEST around here. I do love Fall though, and it’s my favorite season. Happy Thursday! 🙂

  7. Alice Audrey says:

    Barbecue and beer, picnics, and farmer’s market all make me think of Wisconsin.

  8. Flicka Holt says:

    Sandals. Yeah, my feet will miss those.

    But the sun I won’t miss. I can’t stand the heat anymore. It probably means I’m getting old.

  9. Elise Logan says:

    Great list. I’m not a water baby, and i burn like crazy, so beach and pool aren’t my faves. But I will miss the farmers’ markets like mad.

  10. Heather says:

    Summer always seems to end too soon, especially when it’s been slow in arriving as it has here. Hope the boy enjoys his first day of kindergarten!

  11. I always miss my summer bare feet.

  12. melsmag says:

    Hmmm love these things. Great summer list.

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