Tuesday Motivation?

Happy Mon, er, Tuesday Morning! I know, I’m a day late and a dollar short. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, or a merry holiday if you don’t celebrate Christmas. We had a wonderful day and it was nice to spend it quietly at home with those I love. I cooked and we all ate until we couldn’t feel our toes. My boys spoiled me this year with an eReader and I truly love it! Seriously, I’m not going to be getting any writing done if someone doesn’t hide it on me.Thousands of eBooks from my favorite authors, right at my fingertips, it’s more distraction than I think I can handle.

But a challenge has been issued by my CP Sally and I’ve agreed to put down the eReader and join in the word count fun. I’ve set a goal to write 25K for the month of January. That will get me almost halfway through Long Road Home and hopefully I’ll be on a roll and able to finish it by February. Can you hear the publishers and agents cheering with joy? No? Do you see the pig flying by your window? Hmm, must just be here.

So, in honor of the hero in Long Road Home, I give you this week’s man candy. Now HC (Hot Cowboy as the hero has been dubbed by myself and my CP’s) doesn’t have a name but he looks a lot like this gentleman here. So enjoy and if you have any suggestions as to what I can name HC, please share. As nice as Hot Cowboy is, I’m not sure it will sell. Have a great week!



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