It was a dark and scary day…

Okay, so I’ve always known that I have trouble functioning on a daily basis without the internet. Really not a big surprise to me. I have had a few days here and there when we’ve been on vacation and the hotel we were staying in wanted an arm and a leg for 24 hours of service and I had to go without. I planned ahead and I lived through it with only the occasional shakes and headaches. But Wednesday, well things got a little scary. JD was post call and fighting the need to sleep so around 9 am he started puttering around with our wireless router. You know the beautiful little black box with lights that supplies my laptop with internet? Well see, JD’s miffed because he can’t get the router to recognize the printer. This means we aren’t able to print from the laptop to the printer upstairs in his office. On Wednesday he’d had enough. There was a burning desire deep within him to sit on the couch, while watching Sports Center, and print something, anything. It was time, he and he alone had decided, to make the damn thing work!

So there I was, with my eReader, being a good wife by letting hubby use my laptop, completely unaware of the impending doom that was about to descend upon my home. What, a little too dramatic? I think not. All at once from my place on the love seat I heard a string of curses from my dear JD’s otherwise virginal mouth. *Snort* (He’s in the Army, swear words are required adjectives.) When I inquired as to what was wrong, he informed me that not only was the printer still not recognized, he had somehow deleted the internet connection.

This is where I started to panic and that hysterical state stayed with me until 3:07 pm when said connection was finally reinstated. I endured six dark and scary hours with no internet. No way to check Facebook and see how my friends were spending the day. No way to log on to Twitter and see if Victoria Dahl was still sick and if so what marathon she was currently watching on television. No way to be in Diva Chat or haunt the Forum reading posts. No email. And when I wanted to recheck the grocery store ad online so I would be prepared at the store I was SOL. JD kindly offered to let me check it out on his Blackberry. Have you seen one of those screens? I swear my eyesight got worse in less than five minutes!

So yes, I am a little addicted to the internet. Some days I take for granted how incredible it truly is. I really can’t remember how I used to do things before but I am sure it was not as fun or efficient. How about you, are you as addicted to your technology as me? What if you had to go without for one day, completely unexpectedly? Would you survive?

My house on Wednesday.



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  1. December says:

    you should write horror. I’m going to have nightmares.

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