Happy Birthday Captain D!

birthday-cakeThat’s right today is my main man’s birthday. The Masters of Disaster (L and D) are the most excited, they know birthdays equal cake for them. They shopped for their daddy’s present and spent a lot of time decorating the gift bags, plain old wrapping paper just wouldn’t do for them. I also got my hubby a small present but I thought I would grant him a birthday wish as well. You see when he read my first blog post and saw the nickname (Captain Delicious) I had blessed him with he wasn’t exactly ecstatic. He doesn’t find it cute the way I do. So in honor of his birthday I am going to let him pick what he will be known as in my posts. Not to worry he won’t get off too easily. DH and just plain hubby won’t be acceptable. He has to come up with something else, something intersting. I’ll let you all know when he finally makes his decision. Until then I’m off to celebrate with him. Please feel to enjoy a slice of birthday cake while you wait for the name change. And happy birthday to anyone else celebrating today.

Best Wishes,


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