I’m Cool Like That

Late last night I was sitting in my office working on Lost In You. I was completely engrossed in the scene I was writing where my heroine has the living day lights scared out of her by the hero. Suddenly this loud beeping/buzzing/a zombie is here to eat my brain sound rang out in my house, which until this moment, had been quieter than a funeral home at midnight. I did my best impression of a cat on roller skates doing a Muppet flail while my heart made a valiant effort to permanently lodge itself between my eyebrows. Once I was able to calm myself down to a dull roar of a panic, I went to investigate. Turns out one of the kids left a walkie talkie on at the highest volume possible. Its batteries had finally run down and it was giving out one last, dying bleep. For my own sanity I’ve hidden the walkie talkies, they can have them back when JD comes home. But really with my luck it will probably happen again and my hubby will be armed with a video camera when it does. I guess that’s one way to become famous, right?

And in case you don’t know what a Muppet Flail looks like Kermit has been generous enough to offer a demonstration. The last part is a pretty accurate instant replay of me last night only I wasn’t saying yay.




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3 Responses to I’m Cool Like That

  1. Lea says:

    I was expecting zombies! But late at night and it’s just you and the munchkins? Yeah, glad it was just run down walkie talkies. Glad you were writing :).

    • Sophia Parkwood says:

      For the scare I got it should have been zombies. And just for you, I worked through the fear and achieved my word count goal! 🙂

  2. Moira says:

    Haha! Love the muppet flail – totally priceless. Just gotta love munchkins and their toys! Zombies would have been scarier, but I don’t think we’d worry as much. Have a feeling Sophia would know exactly how to do away with that problem.

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