Who Wants My Ticket?

I have one all expense paid ticket to ride the crazy train and it’s free to the first taker! Since school ended I have been an unwilling rider on life’s crazy train and I am more than ready to get off. First family came to visit, then my babysitter left for a month long vacation, and finally the day after she left we lost power for five days. OK, it wasn’t five full days but we lost it on a Friday night and it didn’t come back on until Wednesday morning, so I’m calling it five. Not having power for that amount of time during the longest heat wave in DC’s history showed who wore their big girl panties and who wasn’t wearing any at all because she had planned on doing laundry over the weekend. I broke down Sunday and checked into a hotel. I’m not sure which was worse, a house with no power or a 300 square foot room with air conditioning and four crazy kids. When I arrived home Wednesday morning and found the little light glowing from within my doorbell I got an actual tear in my eye. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

It’s been almost a week since power was restored but my sanity is taking its merry time returning. We had a thunder storm roll into the area Sunday night and I had a mini panic attack. Our electric company has not earned my confidence back. I’m not sure it ever will. I keep my cell phone plugged in and my laptop fully charged now and my fridge is quite chilly. There are 47 days left in summer vacation. If I can survive five days with no electricity in 100+ degree heat this next month and a half should be a breeze, right? So, who wants my ticket?



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  1. Lea says:

    No way, sister! You’ve overcome but Imma let you keep that ticket. 😉

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