Corner Office, With a View

My office is finished and I am in love! It’s girly and cozy and I did it all myself. Technically it’s not just my office, I share it with all the kids but the corner (with a view) is all mine. So how did  do it? It all started with the little white desk. White Desk Then I found the chair at a local office supply store. Through sheer willpower I was able to leave with only the chair, no Post Its or Sharpie markers. I think the day was marked down in history. Now this was better but it needed more. I had an old end table that was in desperate need of refinishing. It had been sitting in our basement since we moved into this house and it was time for a facelift. Here’s the before picture:

Side Table BeforeAll it needed was a little sanding and a few coats of paint.

Sanded Drawer Paint 1 DrawerPaint 2


I chose a bold blue for the small table. JD doesn’t like a lot of color and I knew I could never  get away with this color anywhere else in my house so I went big. I let some of the dark wood show through the paint to give it a shabby chic feel. I also add a small stencil detail on the top and replaced the old drawer pull with a crystal knob.

Finished Side Table

Next, I needed a place to put my research books and various office supplies. I found an inexpensive bookshelf and as I was putting it together I realized I could paint the underside of the shelves with my leftover blue paint. I added some stenciling as well to help tie the bookcase in with the side table.


Cork boards (for my numerous Post It notes) and a calendar were then hung on the walls. Finally the little decorating pieces I had picked up here and there were added to finish off the space. The owl and the pig are my favorite pieces.

Mr. OwlFlying Pig

There it is, my own cozy little corner office with a view. Now that I’ve got the space I suppose I need to get back to writing the books.




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  1. Suzan Butler says:

    Yay! It looks awesome! Congrats on finishing your project. 😉

    Now write me more stuff, kay?


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