Corner Office, With a View

My office is finished and I am in love! It’s girly and cozy and I did it all myself. Technically it’s not just my office, I share it with all the kids but the corner (with a view) is all mine. So how did  do it? It all started with the little white desk. White Desk Then I found the chair at a local office supply store. Through sheer willpower I was able to leave with only the chair, no Post Its or Sharpie markers. I think the day was marked down in history. Now this was better but it needed more. I had an old end table that was in desperate need of refinishing. It had been sitting in our basement since we moved into this house and it was time for a facelift. Here’s the before picture:

Side Table BeforeAll it needed was a little sanding and a few coats of paint.

Sanded Drawer Paint 1 DrawerPaint 2


I chose a bold blue for the small table. JD doesn’t like a lot of color and I knew I could never  get away with this color anywhere else in my house so I went big. I let some of the dark wood show through the paint to give it a shabby chic feel. I also add a small stencil detail on the top and replaced the old drawer pull with a crystal knob.

Finished Side Table

Next, I needed a place to put my research books and various office supplies. I found an inexpensive bookshelf and as I was putting it together I realized I could paint the underside of the shelves with my leftover blue paint. I added some stenciling as well to help tie the bookcase in with the side table.


Cork boards (for my numerous Post It notes) and a calendar were then hung on the walls. Finally the little decorating pieces I had picked up here and there were added to finish off the space. The owl and the pig are my favorite pieces.

Mr. OwlFlying Pig

There it is, my own cozy little corner office with a view. Now that I’ve got the space I suppose I need to get back to writing the books.




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New Year, New Site

Hey it’s 2013 and I have a new site! As you can see, it’s still under construction but everything from my old site has been moved here. Stay tuned for more, I have lots and lots going on this year. Happy New Year!



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The Week in Review

Whew, what a week! My boys started school Monday which I’m sure everyone guessed by the loud singing and non-stop dancing that has been going on at my house this week. It was a day I had dreamed of throughout the entire summer and yes, it was everything I had hoped it would be. Now we are back in the school, homework, extracurricular activity cycle and I am almost wishing we had the lazy summer schedule back. Almost!

Drama in the book review world has been making headlines recently. Authors behaving badly, reviewers getting harassed, and authors buying fake reviews. You can find the full story on the reviews for purchase here. While I for one was shocked and disgusted that authors would pay for a review to boost sales, people I know from outside the world of publishing were not. They agreed it was wrong and dishonest but the outrage that was evident from within the publishing industry was absent with them. I think unless you are in the industry, which for my purposes includes authors, publishing employees, and book reviewers, you don’t understand how important good, honest reviews are to an author.

But it’s not all dark clouds and sinister con men looking to make a quick buck. This past week, and every week as far as I can tell, awesome books were released. I added quite a few to my TBR and as soon as I finish the first draft of my wip I can read some of them! What do you do to reward yourself for hard work? Shoes, cookies, and more books are my drugs of choice. And because we all need a laugh check out The Publishing Process in GIF Form. I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are enjoying the start of a new school year as much as I am.



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It’s Time for NGTCC!

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How Do You Say “I Love You?”

There are so many ways to show someone you love them. Saying the words is one of the most common ways but you can also convey your feelings with actions. Sending flowers, a card or note to let someone know you’re thinking about them, or going out of your way to pick up a little something that your significant other really enjoys. Love can be seen in a look from across a crowded room, a gentle caress, or in the way a person holds their lover’s hand. Each one is beautiful and meaningful. This past Wednesday was my nine year wedding anniversary and I decided to do something special for JD to show him how much I care for him and how special our time together has been. Instead of going one of these tried and true routes I decided to take the path less traveled. This year I decided to lose by engagement ring. Yes, I did.

I don’t wear my engagement ring everyday, especially in the summer. When it’s hot my fingers tend to swell a bit and it makes wearing multiple rings on one finger uncomfortable. But it was my anniversary so I decided to wear it even though it was forecast to be in the high 90’s. I was at a stop light fidgeting with my rings because they were already getting uncomfortable and then they were flying. All three rings went in different directions. I found my wedding band and the wrap for my engagement ring fairly quickly and slipped them back on. The engagement ring fell between the driver’s seat and center console and when I reached down to grab it, it slipped beneath the console. Disappeared. And in my mind, it was gone forever.

So I panicked. (That’s putting it mildly, y’all.) I sent a text to JD and by the time he called me on Skype I was almost in tears. Turns out he has lost many things under that console and it’s fairly easy to remove. It only took ten minutes for me to rescue my ring. I wore it for the rest of the day and put it back my jewelry box that night, safe and secure. It’s going to be a long time before I live this one down. Next year is the big 10 year anniversary and I can’t wait to see what my clumsy self does next! So, how do you say I love you?



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Getting Lost Again

Jason and Molly have been clamoring around in my head for weeks now wanting to know why I have been ignoring their story. It figures that when real life gets crazy my previously mute characters won’t keep quiet. Here they are having an intimate moment on the beach of Grapevine’s beautiful lake. I can hear the water lapping against the rocks as the waves bring in the fresh scent of spring. Which do you prefer sandy ocean beaches or rocky lakefronts? I’ll take either!

And because he is totally irresistible, here’s a picture of Jason:

I haven’t found one of Molly yet but she’s there in my mind. Alright, playtime is over. Diving back in to Lost In You…



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Who Wants My Ticket?

I have one all expense paid ticket to ride the crazy train and it’s free to the first taker! Since school ended I have been an unwilling rider on life’s crazy train and I am more than ready to get off. First family came to visit, then my babysitter left for a month long vacation, and finally the day after she left we lost power for five days. OK, it wasn’t five full days but we lost it on a Friday night and it didn’t come back on until Wednesday morning, so I’m calling it five. Not having power for that amount of time during the longest heat wave in DC’s history showed who wore their big girl panties and who wasn’t wearing any at all because she had planned on doing laundry over the weekend. I broke down Sunday and checked into a hotel. I’m not sure which was worse, a house with no power or a 300 square foot room with air conditioning and four crazy kids. When I arrived home Wednesday morning and found the little light glowing from within my doorbell I got an actual tear in my eye. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

It’s been almost a week since power was restored but my sanity is taking its merry time returning. We had a thunder storm roll into the area Sunday night and I had a mini panic attack. Our electric company has not earned my confidence back. I’m not sure it ever will. I keep my cell phone plugged in and my laptop fully charged now and my fridge is quite chilly. There are 47 days left in summer vacation. If I can survive five days with no electricity in 100+ degree heat this next month and a half should be a breeze, right? So, who wants my ticket?



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I’m Cool Like That

Late last night I was sitting in my office working on Lost In You. I was completely engrossed in the scene I was writing where my heroine has the living day lights scared out of her by the hero. Suddenly this loud beeping/buzzing/a zombie is here to eat my brain sound rang out in my house, which until this moment, had been quieter than a funeral home at midnight. I did my best impression of a cat on roller skates doing a Muppet flail while my heart made a valiant effort to permanently lodge itself between my eyebrows. Once I was able to calm myself down to a dull roar of a panic, I went to investigate. Turns out one of the kids left a walkie talkie on at the highest volume possible. Its batteries had finally run down and it was giving out one last, dying bleep. For my own sanity I’ve hidden the walkie talkies, they can have them back when JD comes home. But really with my luck it will probably happen again and my hubby will be armed with a video camera when it does. I guess that’s one way to become famous, right?

And in case you don’t know what a Muppet Flail looks like Kermit has been generous enough to offer a demonstration. The last part is a pretty accurate instant replay of me last night only I wasn’t saying yay.




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Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was nice but hot, the warm weather has returned to the nation’s capital with a vengeance.  My dad is coming to visit this week so the MOD’s and I made some Father’s Day gifts for him. For holidays like this I think handmade gifts are much better than anything you can buy at the store. Last night was the season premier of True Blood and it was awesome. Lots of new players were introduced and I can’t wait to see where they are going with things this season. Tomorrow is the last day of school for my oldest and I’m trying not to panic. I’m trying and failing. Summer is 75 days long here and I’m going through this one by myself. But we will make it work, there isn’t any other choice.

For this week’s motivation I thought I would find a picture of my favorite summertime flower, the hydrangea. The house we are renting has a huge bush in the backyard just outside my kitchen window and it is my absolute favorite part of the garden. What is your favorite flower? Any fun plans for the summer months? Have a great week!



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Funny and True

I found this the other day and it made me smile so I thought I’d share.

I hope you’re having a great Tuesday. Enjoy the rest of your day! (Har.I crack myself up.)



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