Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I survived D’s first full week of summer. L, my oldest, has one more full week of school and then all four kids are home everyday. Eeep! I hit panic mode and signed them up for a few camps. With JD in Afghanistan until late October I’m sure summer is going to be long for all of us. Hopefully the camps will break things up. Last week I started refinishing a side table and shelf for my office. I’ve taken pictures of the whole process and I will post them when everything is complete. I feel like putting my feet up like the woman in this week’s picture but I can’t. I’m at 12.5K in my 30 days to 30K, with 7,000 words to write this week I don’t have time for any slacking. Happy writing to my fellow writers and everyone have a great week!



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30 Days to 30K

I hit 10K on my current wip Lost In You this morning and realized I’m about 25% done. I planned for it to be around 40K and with today being June 1st I have decided to challenge myself. I’m giving myself 30 days to write another 30K. If I can accomplish that the first draft will be done by the end of June.  That gives me July to get it polished and sent out on submission. I could start the next book in the series by August. So that’s the plan. I’m posting it here so now I have to make it happen! OK, off to the writer cave. Send copious amounts of coffee 😉



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Monday Motivation

I fell in love with this picture the first time I saw it. There is something so easy yet so intimate about the act of holding hands. I love how their faces are close and they both have small smiles stretching across their lips.

Just a few writing tibits: Carina Press posted a submission call last week. Each editor is giving a list of stories they wish to aquire. Entangled Publishing has a call for holiday stories, another holiday call, a Guilty Pleasures call, and a When in Rome call. And finally if you are interested in the ebook price fixing lawsuit Dear Author has been doing an amazing job covering the story. Have a great week!



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A Hug & A Question

First a hug for my ignored blog. (((Hug))) And now a burning question: What is in the box?!? I spotted it while I was driving on the highway and it just looked so out of place in the back of an older, non-descript pickup. It was a new, heavy duty metal box, with large latches and a heavy pad lock. And stickers with various warnings about the contents inside and a few air holes. I’m pretty sure the cop riding in traffic with me would have frowned upon the use of my phone’s camera with an expensive ticket so I refrained. It did not however stop my imagination from running wild. What do you think it might have been?




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I feel like I should explain…

…where I’ve been. It all started out so innocently. I was cleaning out our storage space and I came across the crib. The one both my boys used. The one that when I looked at it, even in a disassembled heap, brought the unique scent of newborn baby swirling through my head. The one that before heading down to clean out said storage space my husband and I had agreed to sell. But when JD tried to move it to the sell pile some force came over me and I blurted out, “Let’s have another baby!” To my surprise JD had been thinking the same thing and that as they say is history.

The baby brain took me rather quickly this time around and at my 10 week appointment we found out why. There were TWO. Yes two babies, twins, as in one more than there was supposed to be. So that’s where I’ve been. Having two beautiful amazing baby girls that have made our already happy family even happier. They turned one a few months ago and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. We did it, we made it through that first year. The six of us, together.

My little girls

I’m now mom to four amazing kids who fill my life with never ending joy (and constant eye twitches) but I miss writing. I miss blogging. I miss researching obscure topics until my eyes cross and then telling my friends all about it until their eyes cross. I miss other writers. So I’m back and staying for good. I’ve got lots of goals for 2012 and beyond. Periodic leave from mommyland has been approved by the governing board so I’m back to writing at night. And the wee hours of the morning. Sleep is for the weak, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. So, what’s new with you?



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Diva Promo: Rhiannon Leith

“Edge of Heaven” by Rhiannon Leith

Read An Excerpt Online
Genre: ,

ISBN: 978-1-60928-059-8
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50
Publication Date: June 22, 2010
Cover art by Natalie Winters

Her only hope is to reach for heaven—and hang on to hell.

Lily’s psychic “gift” for hearing the dead and helping them pass over into the afterlife has left her friendless and broken, teetering on the edge of sanity. Not much of a challenge for Sammael, a demon who’s been sent to seduce her soul for hell.

But something stands between Sam and his prize. Micah, the guardian angel whose constant support keeps Lily sane. Yet Sam senses that Micah’s feelings for his charge are less than angelic.

Excellent. It’ll be his pleasure to tempt them both into pure sin.

As Lily succumbs to unearthly pleasure, she finds herself caught between the demon who sets her on fire and the angel who lifts her to unimagined heights of ecstasy. It’s a choice she can’t bring herself to make.

Then a serial killer with preternatural abilities makes Lily his next target. Danger mounts as he repeatedly outfoxes even heaven and hell. To protect her, an angel must fall, a demon must be redeemed—and Lily must travel to hell and back for the men she loves.

Warning: Contains steamy sex, bondage, voyeurism, and a ménage a trois between a tormented angel, a devilishly sexy demon and a woman who can’t choose between them. And why should she?

Read An Excerpt Online Buy it here

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Diva Promo: Inez Kelley

SALOME AT SUNRISE by Inez Kelley releases today from Carina Press!

It’s not nice to piss off Mother Nature…

Bryton Haruk sets out on a suicide mission to stop the bloodthirsty Skullmen from terrorizing the war-weary Land of Eldwyn. Consumed by guilt over the death of his wife, Bryton seeks revenge and reunion in the afterlife with his lost love. His purpose is determined, his bravery unmatched, until the queen casts a spell to save Bryton from himself.

Salome is that spell. A bird-shifter, she can harness the earth’s breeze and take the form of a beautiful, innocent woman. Her challenge is to harness Bryton’s pain and guide him to peace. She entrances and irritates him, tempting Bryton from his mission. Even as he gives in to the passion between them, Bryton insists on mounting a solo attack on the brigands’ compound, and Salome fears her love won’t be enough to save him…

Celebrate Summer Solstice.

Salome at Sunrise from Inez Kelley and Carina Press.

Seize the day.

Buy it now.

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Diva Promo: Annie Nicholas


Someone is about to get some Spice in his life.

Spice has nothing but the clothes on her back when she returns to Chicago. She’s looking for a better life, and that means reuniting with her estranged twin sister, Sugar. She isn’t thrilled to find out Sugar’s boyfriend is a vampire. But then she meets Eric, once the bottle-cap-glasses wearing nerd next door – now grown into the kind of man she’d love to snuggle with on this cold winter night…and he’s offered her his room in Sugar’s house.

Eric can’t believe Spice has returned. He’d given up hope of ever seeing her again, let alone having her stare at him as if he’s sex on a stick. But now that all of his fantasies for them are coming true, reality rears her ugly head and Eric must tell Spice his intimate secret; he’s actually an Alpha werewolf looking for his mate and he thinks he’s found her.



Sugar had everything Spice wanted; a loving man, friends, and a home.

“Daedalus let you cut your hair?” A short man built like a bodybuilder approached her.

The awe in his voice snapped Spice out of her self-pity and the protector inside reared its head. This was the second reference to someone allowing her little sister to do something. “What do you mean ‘let me’?”

What kind of relationship did Sugar have? She needed permission to cut her hair? Maybe destiny brought her back to Chicago to save her little sister from some monster. Again. All those bad things happening to drive her here couldn’t be coincidental.

She crossed her arms over her chest. “Where is my sister, and what are you doing in her house?”

They glanced at each other, confusion apparent on their faces. “What?”

The man in the kitchen stuck his head out of the door, chocolate brown eyes wide as he stared at her. “Spice?” The smile he’d given to her when he thought she was Sugar returned but wider.

Her heart skipped a beat. In the light his face seemed familiar as well. “I know you.”

“You should, we were only neighbors forever as kids.”

“Eric!” He had grown. Stupid, of course he’s changed. But she never expected that the skinny, lanky bottle-cap-glasses-wearing nerd would develop into a charming, handsome I-wanna-snuggle-you-on-a-cold-night kind of man. “Hi.” The jobs as a hostess, a bartender, and the most recent, a stripper taught her how to talk to men the way they liked. But with him grinning at her like a happy puppy, her mind went blank.

He swept her into his arms in a bone-cracking hug.

“Wow, I’d forgotten Sugar had a twin.” The redhead scratched his chin. “You look exactly alike, except your hair is short.”

Eric set her back on her feet. “Let me take your coat.” He tugged on the belt and untied it. To her surprise, the small action sparked warmth between her thighs. Not like he took off her clothes but she began to wonder what it would feel like if he did.

Their eyes met. His pupils dilated, the chocolate brown faded to amber, and something feral peeked at her.

She gasped and stepped back.

The pretty oriental girl took her arm and dragged her into the living room. She chattered about making tea, but Spice’s attention riveted on Eric as he stood with the men surrounding him.

What the heck? She’d seen need in men’s eyes before but this was darker, deeper, and so much more alluring.

The redhead tried to take Eric’s arm, but he shook it off and stomped out of sight.

Spice sat on the overstuffed couch. “What did you say your name was?”


A dainty, petite girl with long black hair to her knees, yet she gave Spice the impression of great strength. Life in Vegas taught her to be an excellent judge of character. Too bad it had taken her so long to learn.

“I’ll be back in a minute. You stay while I make tea.” Katrina slipped away to the kitchen.

Every flat surface in the living room held a book. Soft cover, hard cover, tattered, or new, Sugar loved her books. The walls were lined with shelves filled with them. Spice picked up the closest one and smelled it. The scent of paper always reminded her of her twin.

The large, square coffee table in front of her held the game Risk. Different colored pieces lay scattered on the thick blue carpet.

Game night at Sugar’s house. She glanced at the hallway. With Eric. Many questions formulated in her head. What happened to her reclusive sister over the past two years? When did she get friends? Probably when her only one, me, left town. Did she hook up with Eric?

Hope sprung in Spice’s heart. Her attraction to him was out of character. She usually loved them tough and bad. Maybe he could be the new beginning she’d come home for.

Annie Nicholas

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It’s not you, it’s me.

I’m sitting in the bad blogger corner as I type this post. Why am I in the corner? Well I’ve been a bad blogger lately. And really if I’m going to be honest I’ve been a bad writer as well. Things in my life outside being an aspiring romance writer have gotten well, crazy. More crazy certainly than is normal for our family. We got some exciting news a few weeks ago and are still reeling. Everyone is healthy and happy, we just have a lot on our plate right at the moment. So I’m taking a step back from blogging about writing, submission calls, contests, and working on the many current stories I have running through my head for the next few months. I’ll still post reviews of books I’ve read or upcoming releases I can’t wait to get loaded into my hot little eReader but writing is going to have to go on the back burner. And there is no mountain on this earth that can stand in my way and keep me from posting some tasty morsels of man candy, but posting will be sporadic. Hopefully by the end of this month I’ll be able to share our news. Until then you’ll just have to make do with book reviews and hot men. I know, I’m harsh!



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Diva Promo: Ciar Cullen

Available now at Amazon!.
Emily Fenwick, former NYPD, is now reluctant defender of 1890 New York. Unfortunately for Emily, who hates “the creepy stuff,” she ignored her inner voice, went to a carnival in Central Park, and entered a Victorian tent in hopes a psychic would have some encouraging news about her woefully boring love life. The guarantee she receives of meeting a tall, dark, and handsome stranger comes with a huge catch–he lives in an alternate dimension of the past.

Jack Pettigrew leads a quirky band of lost souls in a battle to save New York circa 1890. Nightmares have come alive and threaten to terrorize a fragile era. Jack leads the “punks,” who have been sucked back in time through a vortex. Each has a fleeting memory of their own death–or near death–and must determine for themselves why they have been chosen for this mission. Is Steamside their Purgatory? Could an Egyptian obelisk in Central Park be the cause of the time rift, or is Emily herself to blame for the goblins, zombies, and other nightmarish scenes plaguing them?

If the Punks want to return to 2010, they must ensure there’s going to be an 1891. If they conclude they’re really ghosts, then it might be time to party like it’s 1999.

Dear Reader, Please note that while this book has some adult content, it is not ultra steamy romance. If you prefer hardcore gadget laden steampunk–look away. While this book has some steampunk elements, it is primarily a fantasy romance. Best wishes!

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